• Neturalizes airborne allergens and bacteria without chemicals. Whole-house air purification. Instantly improves indoor air quality. Includes Dual 2-Year UV-C Lamps for extra coverage on coils
  • Sterilizes airborne viruses, bacteria, mold. Water-resistant shielded UVC lamp. Helps keep the HVAC system running efficiently and extend its life
  • Instantly improve air quality. The UV light reduces any build up of undesired growth within the air handler and ducts
  • At the heart of APCO is a matrix of activated carbon cells. These cells attract and holds odors and microbes which are then catalyzed by exposure to UV light. The cells are self-cleaning and the system is virtually maintenance-free
  • 18-32 VAC, 60 Hz, 0.68 Amps, 16 VA
  • EPA Establishment # 75179-FL-2