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  • UL Certified Replacement Relays: Silver alloy contacts for better conductivity. High-precision silicon steel core, pure copper coil and flame-retardant shell, stable and durable, compact design which keeps dust and dirt away, avoids arcing and sparks
  • Industrial Workmanship: Equipped with binding head screws, includes lug, covers and quick connect spade terminals, coils features class b insulation, Enclosed contacts and encapsulated 24 volt coil is encapsulated with no exposed tape wrapping.
  • Wide Application: Great switch solution for HVAC, heating, refrigeration systems, motors, elevators, pumps or compressors parts, lighting, pools, food processing, hoists, and cranes, printing presses, vending machines, and agriculture.
  • High quality home and industrial contactors. If you can’t find the model that you are looking for, please contact us for assistance with your request.
  • AC contactor :30 Amp, 2 pole contactor 24V coil , 50/60Hz, compatible devices up to 600 VAC.